What to Wear for a Liverpool Match at Anfield?

March 25, 2024 By Anfield Apparel Off
Anfield Stadium

What to Wear for a Liverpool Match at Anfield? The short answer: pretty much whatever you like. Jeans, trackies, joggers, shorts, shoes, trainers, you’ll see it all at Anfield. Liverpool shirts will be plentiful, both home and away kits, but probably best to refrain from adding the shorts and coming in a full kit if you’re an adult – you might get a few looks or playful jibes! (totally fine for kids of course!)

Liverpool also has a fantastic culture of independent fan merchandise, you’ll see lots of people wearing unofficial LFC T-Shirts and Hoodies with unique designs from the likes of ourselves but also loads of other great independent businesses who make LFC clothes. If you’re coming in winter, make sure to wrap up warm, especially if you’re high up in the main stand, trust us – it gets freezing up there!

Anfield Stadium

Is There a Dress Code for Anfield?

Not if you have a regular ticket in the stadium. You can wear whatever you like – within reason! We wouldn’t recommend walking into Anfield wearing the opposition team shirt of course.

If, however, you have hospitality tickets then Liverpool state here:

“For Events, Party Nights and Celebrations we request that you wear smart/casual clothing. Jeans and trainers can be worn but no tracksuits.

For Experience days casual clothing can be worn but we request that no opposing shirts are worn.”

Do You Have to Wear Red to Anfield?

No, any colour is fine, although maybe avoid all blue on derby day if you can! It’s always nice to see a sea of red in the ground, but no one will judge you if you’re wearing white, black, navy or anything else. All of our independently designed Liverpool clothes are available in a range of colours to suit anyone’s taste – although red is definitely the most popular colour!

What About Half and Half Scarves?

Most Liverpool fans, and probably football fans in general, are not big fans of half and half scarves. Something about have the opposition teams name and badge on you just doesn’t sit right! This being said, they do remain incredibly popular, even at Anfield. People like to get them to commemorate the game if it’s a big match or perhaps a first visit to Anfield. It’s definitely more acceptable to get a half and half scarf for a European game than if we’re playing Man United of course. But regardless, you can still buy them outside the ground and you might get one or two looks or even a comment but even if you do it’ll be lighthearted and no one will give you too much stick for it!

We know it can be pretty daunting if it’s your first time coming to Anfield – especially if you’re travelling a long way and are unsure of what to expect. Really there’s nothing to worry about but if in doubt we’re happy to answer any more questions you might have, just drop us an email at [email protected] or reach out to us on socials. Anfield is for everyone so no judgement for us.

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